We would like to just ask you beloved readers if you wanted a disqus installed in this blog or not. If you don’t know about disqus, it’s comment system that allows you to comment on a post whether you be anon or not. There are pros and cons in having one. Pros because post reply would be lessen and you could actually react to a confession and cons because there might be trolls that would try to create fanwars in the comment system. So if you want disqus please commetn in this post with Yes , if you don’t want disqus, please reply with a No :) Thank you. 

07 Jun 13   –   10 notes
  1. jong7up answered: yes!
  2. peacefaithlove2 answered: Yes
  3. hyunnieprincess answered: No. I’ve seen how some people can be so rude even when they’re disagreeing with the confessions. :3
  4. b-buckda answered: No. I’ve seen what DISQUS did to allkpop. It turned the site into a laughing stock. Don’t get it.
  5. bloomingdream answered: I think it would be a great idea!
  6. kumadaniyo answered: YES!
  7. vintagekpop answered: yes
  8. bap-destiny answered: Yes
  9. confess-bap posted this