I have a legitimate crush on Jongup. It’s gotten even stronger lately because his current long hairstyle is so sexy. (Anon)

20 Oct 14   –   14 notes

I could imagine Jongup marrying a japanese woman one day. (Anon)

20 Oct 14   –   7 notes

I’m craving for B.A.P’s comeback but at the same time I want the boys to rest. Stanning B.A.P is so hard. (Anon)

20 Oct 14   –   25 notes

I wish more people had a friendship like Youngjae and Daehyun. It’s nice to see closeness, trust and fun like that. Today people are disposable and true friendships are meaningless. DaeJae give me hope that people can have close, true friendships again… And they do it without a computer or phone in front of their face 24/7! (anon)

20 Oct 14   –   38 notes

Daehyun still looks like an innocent boy even though he’s already 21! (anon)

19 Oct 14   –   41 notes

B.A.P’s cover of Shinhwa’s “Wild Eyes” was awesome. It would be cool to have a cover album from them one day singing the hits that made late 1990s and early 2000s Kpop so popular. Maybe they can help fan today get in touch with the classics. (anon)

19 Oct 14   –   51 notes

I’ve been rapping since I was 14 years old (I’m a guy btw) and a korean friend showed me Bang Yongguk’s I REMEMBER, ah phew! I gotta say his flow is awesome and he’s got so much raw emotion in his voice, he puts other rappers to shame, he made me a fan of him that day! And when my friend translated the lyrics he even made me cry… Thanks Bang Yongguk and continue making awesome music! (anon)

19 Oct 14   –   94 notes

With Daehyun’s immense talent, good looks and heart-stopping charisma, he can easily leave B.A.P and have an illustrious solo career. I think he knows this, too. I think it will only be a matter of time. (anon)

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