Yongguk seemed rather cold and distant during the Starcast/Naver/Line chat August 27. Everyone else was goofing off and having fun. Bang? Not so much. I wonder if he’s getting sick of B.A.P, idol life, and doing things for fans. He has gotten quite skinny… What if he leaves to go back underground? (Anon)

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Is it just me, or does Jongup look really really similar to Daesung at some angles? And vise versa? (Anon)

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I’m glad my fiancé understands and accepts my love for the one and only Kim Himchan. My last boyfriend would have chastised and hit me for enjoying anyone else other than him. At least my fiancé knows I’m not, like, “you’ll never live up to him, and he’s the only man I love!” No, he gets that Himchan’s smile makes me smile and his singing brings me joy when I’m stressed. He gets it’s not a romantic feeling! Free to love Himchan always! (Anon)

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I’m 45 and had no idea what a “B.A.P” was until my 17-year-old daughter wanted to see them in Dallas. She had good grades, so I bought her and her friend tickets to go. Three days before the concert, she invited her boyfriend over while I wasn’t home, and I caught them in a “compromising” position. B.A.P went out the window for her as punishment. I took her tickets. So my money didn’t go to waste, I took my friend to the show. Great time! Now they have a fan in this old broad especially Jongup. Yum! (Anon)

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Anonymous said:
To all the anons who say the blog is dead, why don't you all take the time used saying its dead and actually SEND a confess? The Admins here can only do so much with what they have. If they have no confessions there is no blog. Admins your doing a great job, Keep it up

Everyone, we admins have loads of your confessions to edit. This blog is updated everyday with 4 confessions each day. It won’t stop. Don’t worry about it. :)

Also thank you sweet anon, we appreciate your support!


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Anonymous said:
you know why this blog is dead?? because the fanbase is dead. Just finally admitt that B.A.P lost everything they stood for, they're not what they used to be. That's why this blog is 'dead'

Confess-BAP doesn’t gather all the BABYs around the world. We’re just a minority here. Perharps it distorts the way you see our fanbase?

I don’t understand how they “lost everyting they stood for”… Can you explain me your thoughts please? :)

Admin R.

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Anonymous said:
No offense to the admins but this blog is d.e.a.d. Dead!

It’s okay… We’re sorry you feel this way anon.

Admin R.

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I named my new lab puppies Zelo and Channie. My husband doesn’t know why or that I even like B.A.P or K-Pop. My secret. Shh… (Anon)

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I have a soft spot for DaeHyun’s playful personality, it gives him a very cute boyish charm. (Anon)

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Himchan as an actor? Yes! I see him as a sexy assassin who doesn’t want to be a killer, instead he wants to leave the crime life to go be with the one he loves no matter the cost. He starts a dangerous affair with the female cop who’s trying to put him in prison. Will love survive their different paths? Yep, Himchan the sympathetic assassin… *daydreams* (Anon)

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