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1 Sep 19:55 pm with 2 notes

Some time ago someone said that B.A.P is a “concert-doll” and I 100% AGREE WITH THAT! B.A.P is a group that belong to concert’s stage. They’re meant to be on it. Their perfs are truly IMPRESSIVE plus they’re very stable live. With an American + Asia tour and a world tour in just two years with some really remarkable performances with an undying amount of energy and stamina for every concerts stop; I think the “Concert-doll” title fit them perfectly. But that is my opinion… (Anon)

1 Sep 15:48 pm with 50 notes

You don’t like B.A.P’s “different styles”? Then B.A.P isn’t the band for you. Whoops. It’s over with, move on. Don’t make it a big deal and cause arguments and problems. (Anon)

1 Sep 15:36 pm with 30 notes

Whoever thought of dressing up these boys in suit jackets and leather pants is a freakin’ genius! (Anon)

1 Sep 15:24 pm with 26 notes

I’m sorry but… Himchan is pretty, Yongguk is awesome, Daehyun is hot, Youngjae is gorgeous, Jongup is sexy, and Zelo is amazing BYE. (Anon)

1 Sep 15:12 pm with 48 notes

Admin hiring, again!

Hi guys, I still need someone more in our team. We’re three, but that still is not enough because there’s lot of work for us even with our daily life, some of us have a job and are working, thereby I want to ease Aini’s and Mallie’s work.

If you’re interested, I’m tutoring the first step:

  1. Use a graphic software (photophiltre is the easiest).
  2. Open a picture of your bias B.A.P member.
  3. Size it as 600 width (the height doesn’t matter).
  4. Put your own confession under it with special elite font, size 15px, text align center, like the edits here.
  5. Save it as .PNG
  6. Submit me afterwards on my own blog.

Being an admin requires:

  • Free time everyday (even when school begins and during school days).
  • Easy to contact via SNS or tumblr.
  • Friendly person who is open to talk with the other admins.

Waiting for you, I won’t be picky with the ones who are applying. I don’t search someone almost perfect anymore.


31 Aug 22:10 pm with 16 notes

I want to see them do a 19+ concept *blush*. (Anon)

31 Aug 15:48 pm with 48 notes

I hope one day B.A.P or the singers in B.A.P covers K-indie bands. My personal preference, Deli Spice, yes… I wanna hear them cover some of them. I honestly just can’t wait to hear B.A.P cover songs from other people, I wanna see more colors from B.A.P. (Anon)

31 Aug 15:36 pm with 15 notes

I don’t like Yongguk’s hair. And that’s a good thing. Because now, I get to appreciate the nice hairstyles of the other members. (Anon)

31 Aug 15:24 pm with 11 notes

Honestly, I do not like seeing Himchan’s instagram account updates (that is why I unfollowed him) his posts always make me hungry. I am on diet and seeing his posts is not helping me. (Anon)

31 Aug 15:12 pm with 32 notes