Zelo matured so fast, being in the company of adults all his young life. Sometimes I wonder if he actually has friends his own age. I wish he does. But then he might find them a little immature. (Raketchicktumbls)

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Some days, I wake up expecting a half-naked Yongguk looking out my bedroom window. Other days, I wake up expecting to find Daehyun shaving in my bathroom. Now that’s morning motivation! (Anon) | (c)

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Days after making fans swoon with his chest exposure in the Excuse Me Japanese MV, Yongguk comes back to us with a huge-ass chest tattoo. BAM! Brilliant move, Gukkie mah man! *slow clap* I love how he keeps surprising us, really. (Anon) 

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Thanks to B.A.P., my hair has gone from Gukkie Red to Jongup Purple to Zelo Blue! Up next: Himchan Orange! WOOHOO! (My hair is so dead…) (Anon) 

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The new dorm room assignments makes me think they did that on purpose to avoid being teased about shipping. We’re you seriously expecting a BangHim, DaeJae, JongLo rooming arrangement? Nossir! (Anon) 

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I want to thank B.A.P’s stylists for putting the boys in tight leather pants. I also want to thank Himchan for always looking fantastic in jeans. (Anon) 

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I feel that a lot of Babyz over think (Yongguk dislikes Daehyun, Himchan and Yongguk aren’t as close as before, B.A.P won’t succeed in the future, etc). Why can’t we just simply love and support B.A.P? I believe in the heart, talent and passion of these boys. (Anon) 

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I dislike it when fans call Zelo a giant fetus. He’s 17 going on 18, he’s not a baby anymore. (Anon) | (c)

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Excuse me MV is a masterpiece. (Anon)

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After following with B.A.P since debut…. I think it’s time to rest for me. (Anon)

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